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Violin & Violinists in Hindustani Classical Music


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This is my First ever initiative to write a book with a view to keep in mind the violin students and those who love to know about violin and its technical aspect: The idea was to compile all the information regarding violin, its history, its evolution, introduction and adoption by Indian Classical music scenario, it’s repertoire, it’s playing techniques, the stalwarts in the field and their contribution and the various experimentations that have been undergoing in the present time, and to make it available to the students. I had faced the difficulty to find such information in one place in my student career. Violin as an Instrument travelled all the way from Europe to India way back in early 17th century during the British rule. Violin although remained unchanged as far as its structure is concerned but a lot of changes have been made as far as its playing techniques, its holding position, its handling, its repertoire, keeping in mind the versatility of the sound quality of this very perfect instrument which is very close to the human voice. Violin was first accepted and adopted by the musicians from south India and they started using it as an accompanying instrument with Carnatic music. Later it was adopted by the Hindustani classical musicians almost 100 years back. Initially it was played by imitating the Instrumental style as it used to be played in other string instruments like Sitar, Sarode and this style was popularly known as Gatkari style until Dr. Smt N. Rajam created history by introducing the Gayaki Ang in Violin playing in which she has proved that each and every vocal style like Dhrupad, Khayal, Tappa, Thumri, Kajri, Chaiti, Bhajan etc can be played with proficiency with a very fine scientific techniques of violin pl

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Author :

Swarna Khuntia

Publisher :

Akansha Publishing House; 2018th edition (April 1, 2018)

Pages :

Hard Cover 194 (72 B/W Illustrations)

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