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Bug Club Pro Guided Year 5 Tales of Hidden Heroes

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Bug Club Pro Guided Year 5 The King in the Car Park


For a long time, many people believed that the body of King Richard III, the last English king to die in battle, was lost and would never be found. Then, on 25th August 2012, a team of archaeologists began digging under a car park in Leicester and made an amazing discovery… The King in the Car Park

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What is Bug Club Guided?

Bug Club Guided is a robust guided reading programme with over 250 engaging texts across Key Stage 1 and 2. It helps children master fluency and deepen comprehension and is broken into KS1/P1-3 and KS2/P4-7 packages, with each approached differently to better suit the stage of child development.

Bug Club Guided Reading at Key Stage 1 is centred around books your children want to read. Time saving guided reading cards accompany each of the books and cover multiple sessions that go into depth with each text. These focus on questions that will challenge and grow children’s comprehension skills. There are also accompanying photocopiable activities to support each title and extend learning.

Bug Club Guided at Key Stage 2 uses weekly teaching cycles that apply eight key learning strategies, including three key questions.

What’s included in Bug Club Guided?

  • 133 beautiful print and ebooks that children want to read at Key Stage 1 and 120 at Key Stage 2.
  • Multi-session guided reading cards for every book at KS1/P1-3.
  • Weekly teaching cards to help you structure your teaching at KS2/P4-7.
  • Pupil workbooks which, as part of the teaching cycle, move on your children’s comprehension, develop their vocabulary, and provide an opportunity for meaningful formative assessment and evidence collection.
  • An online teacher toolkit packed with additional teaching support, including weekly and daily plans, supporting audio/visual resources and more.
  • Professional Development courses designed for primary schools who have a digital subscription to Bug Club Guided.

“I liked the look of it straight away … I was impressed by how well it was structured, the range of texts, and the bright, colourful workbooks.”

Katherine Richards, Headteacher, Tupton Primary and Nursery School

The impact of Bug Club

Over an 18-month period, we conducted detailed research with University College London to understand the impact Bug Club had on learning.

The report showed Bug Club Independent can help you with:

  • Raising attainment – After 18 months pupils using Bug Club were 11 months ahead of their expected reading age. (Expected InCas reading score relative to their age.)
  • Closing the gap – After just half a year, Bug Club had a significant impact on reading gains for pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium, helping to close the gap between them and students not on Pupil Premium.
  • Motivation – After just a few months children were reading for longer. After 12 to 18 months of reading with Bug Club pupils said they liked to read and go to school more.
  • Reading for Pleasure – Reluctant readers are motivated to read at home and all pupils enjoy the fiction, topics, story content and illustrations.
  • Diversity/Inclusion – All pupils irrespective of age, gender or ability love Bug Club materials.
  • Teacher workload – Teachers and in particular NQTs, find the materials easy to follow and supportive.

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